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One Pico - Christmas Meal

I had the extreme pleasure of going to One Pico in School House Lane last Tuesday with my girlfriend Joanne to celebrate our Christmas. We had originally planned on going to Shanahans but because of the weather forecast we had to move our dinner back to Tuesday and it meant that Shanahans was full, but we got a booking at One Pico instead. I for one am damn happy we managed to get a booking here. One Pico has won so many awards with Eamonn O'Reilly at the helm. This restaurant exudes class from the moment you walk through the doors. 
Our coats are taken and we are shown to our seats. Its so nicely set out , the decor is very pleasing to the eye and their seems to be a good atmosphere within the restaurant at 6.30pm. We are given the menu for 59 euro Christmas Set Meal. I go for Duck Boudin(Black Pudding Hash, Poached Egg, Mustard Hollandais), Roast Wild Venison Loin(Beetroot & Potato Gratin, Pumpkin Puree, Fig Jam), Iced Christmas Pudding & Hazelnut Chocolate Parfait(Bran…

The Mogul Emperor

Let me start of by saying this is the best Indian Restaurant in Limerick, and one of the best I have eaten in. I went here on Saturday the 11th, for my brothers birthday dinner. The Mogul is your typical Indian in regard to decor, carpet hangin on the walls, its like stepping back in time going in here. But the decor in this place has nothing to do with how good the food is.

I started with Mirch Kebab, this is chicken cooked in the tandoor marinated in black pepper and yogurt.

This was quite tasty and mellow tasting apart from the coriander ( I hate coriander I think it tastes like soap) only downfall was the pointless salad.

Next came the mains, Chilli Masala with Boiled rice and Peshwari Naan( Naan stuffed with almond and sultanas)

This was absolutely gorgeous, it was hot but not too hot and has to be one of my favourite curries, it ranks highly with the Chilli Masala at Indie Spice in Swords. The meal was beautiful and the guys who run it are very attentive to the customer, even go…

Its been a while : Porterhouse Bray

So this is probably my first negative review since I started my blog. I went here on Saturday evening with some friends. Admittingly I was starving so you would think any old food would do, not on this occasion, because for what the Porterhouse make up for on quantity it certainly isnt backed up by quality. Firstly we were stuck by a freezing entrance by the Chefs pass at the back of the restaurant so sitting with a coat on for the evening wasnt exactly what I had in mind while eating my dinner. I should mention prior to dinner wating for people to arrive we ordered some Sticky Bangers( Cocktail sausages covered in Honey and Sesame Seeds), these were tasteless and were swimming in a bath of Honey, all they did was stave off the hunger, should got more pringles. Now back to the main meal, dying with the hunger I was ready for a nice dinner of which I have had many times here before, my last visit was September, and my god the quality has dropped dramtically.
I started with Salt and Ch…

IFSC Christmas Market

I went to the IFSC Market on Sunday. Its very well done out and there are lots of excellent German food related stalls, and nick nacks. The food in the main maybe a little dear, especially the drinks stall, 4 euros for a small glass of German apple punch is a little rich in these times. The best part of the market is the bloke selling Coconut Macaroons at the entrance, 1.50 each or 3 for 4.00 euro, fresh macaroons are beautiful.

Anyhow you can check out details of the market here:

Beshoffs ( Budget 2011 night)

Its a Tuesday night, and we are craving Fish n Chips. We decide upon Beshoffs in O'Connell Street. Its Fish n Chips at its best. I went for Lemon Sole with beans, chips and curry sauce. It was grease at its best, not to mention the curry sauce, best curry sauce in a chipper I have had, its McDonnells curry sauce, you can buy in the supermarket. You cannot go wrong with beshoffs its Fish and chips are some of the best in Dublin.

They also have a gluten free range too.

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Metro Cafe

Anytime I stay up in Dublin, which is now becoming more regular , I always love to go to the Metro Cafe for breakfast on the Saturday. Having first been told about it by my friends Damien and Lesley earlier this year, I keep coming back. Its at the top of South William St going towards St Stephens Green shopping centre. The staff always seem so nice in here aswell which really adds to the place. I always go for the same breakfast , I get a large mocha coffee, scrambled eggs on sourdough bread, two sausages and lots of extra relish. It comes to 12.50, and its truly worth it, its a beautiful breakfast and I always leave happy.

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The Queen of Tarts

I had the pleasure of going to The Queen of Tarts in old Temple Bar(Cow Lane) yesterday for tea and cake. Its very well set out, the cakes look amazing. The cakes aren't over the top and look so fresh, i'd love to be working there making cakes. I had a plum tart , pastry was perfect and the plums were sitting in a jam/syrup that had a hint of vanilla. Joanne my girlfriend had chocolate fudge cake, it looked gorgeous( and tasted so aswell), the cake was covered in a Chocolate ganache(Melted Choc with Cream). To top the cakes off , the tea was beautiful, and served in bone china cups, very lah dee da. :)

I cant wait to go back here, may need to go back sooner rather than later to help forget the misery of the budget tomorrow.

Gallaghers Boxty House

Its a Tuesday night in Dublin, its bitterly cold and all you want is a meal of hearty food to warm you up. Where better than Gallaghers Boxty house in Temple Bar. From the outset you can see they are catering for tourists, its all very kitsch. The seating is made up of large dining tables which promote strangers to sit with one another, I guess it adds to the traditional sentiment of the restaurant. The menu we decided to go for was the 25 euro one which incorporates 3 courses, ( they say you must pick your courses from the items on the menu with the shamrock beside it, these are the courses included in the offer, but pretty much everything bar the steak has a shamrock beside) . 
My girlfriend went with the starter sized portion of the main Murphy's Stout Beef Stew, I decided to go with the Atlantic Seafood Chowder. Both dishes are served with Guinness Bread(The only Guinness related item on the menu, as Murphys seems to be the drink of choice, which I had a pint of :) )
My chowd…

My New York style Baked Cheesecake

So its Saturday evening I am bored and want to update my blog with a new recipe. I decided to cook a baked Cheesecake that will be used for Sunday Lunch dessert tomorrow.

Here are the ingredients you will need :

Serves 12

For the Biscuit Base:

85ml butter melted, plus extra for tin 140g …

Jimmy Chungs Recession Busting Food

So I had the pleasure of going here last night with my girlfriend. Its the end of the month we are broke but haven't seen each other in a week and would like a good feed of food. Yes you could say stay in , cook, go to McDonalds, BK but no we wanted to go for some food that was gonna be relatively nice cheap and we could chat catch up. My girlfriend having been there before suggested going to Jimmy Chungs, 13.90 euro (Mon - Thurs) for an all you can eat buffet is a seriously good deal, there is no denying it.  First thing you notice is the place is heaving and is packed out, but at the same time we were seated straight away, its very well laid out decor wise and lots of staff on hand. We were seated by an asian gentlemen and thats it , eating time :).
The first thing I notice everything is steaming hot and looks so fresh. The selection is quite large you have many hot areas, a section for starters, which incorporates two types of soup, chicken and sweetcorn and chicken noodle so…

Apple Tart ( or cake if you are from Raheny )

Hello Bloggers and Followers 

Here is my recipe for one of the most simplest desserts you can possibly wish to make. Its apple cake, I learnt to make this with my mum when I was maybe 7 or 8,  and its been a staple Sunday lunch dessert in our house for as long I remember. Apple cake with thick custard or ice cream(preferably mint HB ice cream) in the Summer truly heavenly. When you cut in to it fresh out of the oven and the syrupy juice from the apples flows out, its a natural accompaniment to the dessert to spoon over the hot cake .
This cake ( I keep saying cake, it should be called a tart) will simply need a dinner plate as the dish to cook on.

Serves 8

For the pastry
225 g Self Raising Flour115 g Margarine ( I find Stork brand to be the best)Water - Tablespoon at a time. I see Tablespoon always used in cooking but who has them, 2 normal big dessertspoons equate to one Tablespoon.Pinch of Salt 
For the Filling 2 Large Cooking ApplesSugar to taste1 egg yolk 
Method 1. Preheat the…

Caramel Shortbread

Evening Bloggers (I say this I haven't any followers yet, so hello blank space)

Essentially this is my first proper post, and this is my first recipe.

So last night I decided to make caramel shortbread which my lovely brother taste tested today :)

Here are the ingredients you will need :

Serves 8

For the shortbread 175 g plain flour, sifted 150 g saltedbutter50 g caster sugar  
For the topping 175 g butter175 g caster sugar4 tbsp golden syrup1 x 400 g cancondensed milk200 g chocolate, broken into pieces( I chose Kraft Milka Chocolate) Method 1. Preheat the oven to 160C/140C fan/gas 3. Line a 20cm x 24cm baking tray with parchment paper.

2. For the shortbread: pulse the shortbread ingredients together in a food processor until a rough dough forms (do not overmix). Press the dough evenly into the lined baking tray and chill in the refrigerator for half an hour or so.

3. When chilled, bake for 25-30 minutes or until golden-brown and crisp, then remove from the oven a…
Hello everyone and welcome to my blog.
The reason I have started this blog is I have an unbounding love for food and wine that I want to share with the world. Food has been a major factor in my life, and yes I hear you say well duh of  course everyone needs to eat but I have made eating in to an art form. Its been a truly love hate relationship at times but we always make up. I have gone from a thin man trying to escape a fat man's body, and now fat man trying to escape a thin man's body.  I am a 26 year old male who comes from a very foody background, my grandfather was a baker and his mother was a cook, my own father is a confectioner with his brother being chef. Naturally I felt as I got older all I wanted is to become a chef and emulate the greats, Escoffier, Bocuse, Ducasse, Blanc, and Floyd. In fact Keith Floyd was my inspiration, he made cooking a joy to behold, he had such finesse but at the same time was rough and ready whilst swigging a bottle of his favourite wine.