Jimmy Chungs Recession Busting Food

So I had the pleasure of going here last night with my girlfriend. Its the end of the month we are broke but haven't seen each other in a week and would like a good feed of food. Yes you could say stay in , cook, go to McDonalds, BK but no we wanted to go for some food that was gonna be relatively nice cheap and we could chat catch up. My girlfriend having been there before suggested going to Jimmy Chungs, 13.90 euro (Mon - Thurs) for an all you can eat buffet is a seriously good deal, there is no denying it.  First thing you notice is the place is heaving and is packed out, but at the same time we were seated straight away, its very well laid out decor wise and lots of staff on hand. We were seated by an asian gentlemen and thats it , eating time :).

The first thing I notice everything is steaming hot and looks so fresh. The selection is quite large you have many hot areas, a section for starters, which incorporates two types of soup, chicken and sweetcorn and chicken noodle soup, quite a lot chicken dishes are here, chicken maryland, chicken skewers, chicken balls, wontons, sauces ( sweet n sour , satay). On the main section again lots of different dishes, which my pics show, there is a counter for salads ( frankly in a chinese this was of no interest to me) there was a "sides" counter which had chips, egg fried rice, singapore noodles, thai green curry, prawn crackers, vermicelli noodles , vegetable rice and curry sauce. Finally there was a Desserts cabinet which had all kinds of jelly, cakes, apple cake, and pudding , with the added bonus of an ice cream machine.

I started with the chicken and sweetcorn soup, I have to say it was a little bland so I added some soy sauce, that perked it up a bit. I also grabbed some chicken skewers with sweet and sour sauce, the chicken was lovely and tender most importantly yummy.

I moved on then to my mains round 1 , firstly I got some spicy chicken dish with shredded chicken which was gorgeous, it was deep fried chicken in a sweet yet spicy bbq sauce and chips. Round 2 led me back for another plate of the shredded chicken which was so good.

Then came dessert, I was drawn to the ice cream machine so even though I was frozen from the Dublin weather last night , I had to have a go of the ice cream machine, a big bowl of ice cream covered in strawberry syrup was had :)

This was all washed down with 2 cokes.We got the bill and for 2 all you can eat meals with 3 cokes  (at 2 euro)it came to 33 euro.

I honestly do not think you can go wrong with this price, its cheap , its cheerful, the food is tasty, the atmosphere is great and will be definitely paying this place a visit again, not just when the funds are low, its great place to go if you are hungry hehe.