Hello everyone and welcome to my blog.

The reason I have started this blog is I have an unbounding love for food and wine that I want to share with the world. Food has been a major factor in my life, and yes I hear you say well duh of  course everyone needs to eat but I have made eating in to an art form. Its been a truly love hate relationship at times but we always make up. I have gone from a thin man trying to escape a fat man's body, and now fat man trying to escape a thin man's body.  I am a 26 year old male who comes from a very foody background, my grandfather was a baker and his mother was a cook, my own father is a confectioner with his brother being chef. Naturally I felt as I got older all I wanted is to become a chef and emulate the greats, Escoffier, Bocuse, Ducasse, Blanc, and Floyd. In fact Keith Floyd was my inspiration, he made cooking a joy to behold, he had such finesse but at the same time was rough and ready whilst swigging a bottle of his favourite wine.

I followed my dream on my 16th birthday, where I joined the Limerick Inn, where I started as simple kitchen hand and junior ( very junior ) commis chef. I enjoyed every minute of it from where I began as simply preparing egg mixes for scrambled eggs to finally commanding my own section as the Starters Chef. The following year having completed my Leaving Cert I decided to go to Limerick Institute of Technology and enroll in Professional Cookery. As part of my new adventure I needed a new part time role, and I moved to the Limerick Ryan as their Starters Chef on weekends .This was an introduction to a different world of cookery everything seemed to be like working on a production line, simply firing out meals with no regard for finesse or room for creativity. 

Fortunately for me as part of my course I needed to find employment for industry placement, and moved on from the Limerick Ryan to Manna in Limerick City. I unfortunately ended my food career after one week in Manna. Throughout my time in Manna, my one week felt like I was living a nightmare, I would start at 1.30pm and finish at 12am on £2 an hour, arguments with the head chef as I was not to his liking, and yes I may have quit on a whim when I look back but I think I lost my desire to work in a kitchen after working there, but I certainly did not lose my desire to cook and enjoy food.

The purpose of my blog is for me to express my love for food. I still enjoy cooking so much, so I intend on using this place for my recipes and pictures. Also I want to use my blog for my restaurant reviews, I like to eat out quite a lot and I feel I need to write down my reviews of restaurants which I will incorporate with Menu Pages. At the same time I enjoy drinking wine and I am no connoisseur but I do think I am starting to learn how to enjoy wines of the world and will be reviewing any of the wines I drink.

So I hope you enjoy my posts, pic's, reviews and videos.

Thanks for reading 



  1. Great introduction to your blog Will , couldn't have explained it any better. A man from experience also a man who makes a top notch shortbread cake :D

    Well done Will..

  2. Excellent! Had no idea you were interested in food! Let's swap recipes sometime! Im aware that sounds somewhat nerdy but Im excited about it!

    Great post. Will read regularly. And thanks for the recipe!

  3. Aww thanks very much Miriam :)

    As you can see crazy about food, it cant be nerdy when it comes to food :)


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