Gallaghers Boxty House

Its a Tuesday night in Dublin, its bitterly cold and all you want is a meal of hearty food to warm you up. Where better than Gallaghers Boxty house in Temple Bar. From the outset you can see they are catering for tourists, its all very kitsch. The seating is made up of large dining tables which promote strangers to sit with one another, I guess it adds to the traditional sentiment of the restaurant. The menu we decided to go for was the 25 euro one which incorporates 3 courses, ( they say you must pick your courses from the items on the menu with the shamrock beside it, these are the courses included in the offer, but pretty much everything bar the steak has a shamrock beside) . 

My girlfriend went with the starter sized portion of the main Murphy's Stout Beef Stew, I decided to go with the Atlantic Seafood Chowder. Both dishes are served with Guinness Bread(The only Guinness related item on the menu, as Murphys seems to be the drink of choice, which I had a pint of :) )

My chowder was very tasty, but the only downside is I would have preferred more seafood, as it seemed to have more vegetables than seafood. As for my girlfriends Stew, well that was amazing, I wish I had gotten a bowl of that. It was like coming home to huge welcoming hug, it was beautiful and had such a lovely flavour and being cooked in the stout really added to the depth of flavours. The Guinness bread is also worth a mention, it was amazing, soft and had a sweetness to it , absolutely beautiful for mopping up your starter.

For both of us our main we chose Corned Beef with Cabbage, Mash and a side of Parsley sauce.

Up until last night I have only ever had Bacon & Cabbage and this is very similar. The corned beef is a joint of beef cured in brine and then boiled. The quality meat we had last night was very lean and beautifully cooked, very tender, and all round it was gorgeous and so filling.

The desserts we went for were Bread and Butter Pudding w/Custard and Dark Chocolate fudge cake.

Firstly the dark chocolate fudge cake was amazing, its hard to go wrong I think with this in a restaurant invariably, its a winner. This was so soft and moist , it was very rich, and was accompanied by a Hennessy Cognac ice cream, which I thought was beautiful where as others didnt :). 

The bread and butter pudding was absolutely beautiful, so soft and but had the perfect consistency. As for the custard it was gorgeous, proper thick custard, another perfect dish for the cold night that was in it.

To sum up Gallaghers Boxty House is excellent, its beautiful and simple traditional Irish food cooked so well. If you can over look their obvious market , the Irishness of the place and De Danann playing on loop then this place is well worth the trip, it made both of us happy on a night in Dublin where the snow was pelting down, where we were sat inside warm, and our bellies full of warm good food. I think the meal came to roughly 60 euro following drinks , I am not sure as I didnt pay, it was present to celebrate my new job. Thank you Joanne :)
Would give Gallagher 5/5 and will definitely be coming back.

Thank for reading