Its been a while : Porterhouse Bray

So this is probably my first negative review since I started my blog. I went here on Saturday evening with some friends. Admittingly I was starving so you would think any old food would do, not on this occasion, because for what the Porterhouse make up for on quantity it certainly isnt backed up by quality. Firstly we were stuck by a freezing entrance by the Chefs pass at the back of the restaurant so sitting with a coat on for the evening wasnt exactly what I had in mind while eating my dinner. I should mention prior to dinner wating for people to arrive we ordered some Sticky Bangers( Cocktail sausages covered in Honey and Sesame Seeds), these were tasteless and were swimming in a bath of Honey, all they did was stave off the hunger, should got more pringles. Now back to the main meal, dying with the hunger I was ready for a nice dinner of which I have had many times here before, my last visit was September, and my god the quality has dropped dramtically.

I started with Salt and Chilli wings, no matter what way you look at it, the way in the wings are prepared are ridculous, someone needs to teach the chefs in this place the ability to prepare and trim a chicken wing, this is done as a commis chef, its basic butchery, its sheer laziness.  They were served in a huge bowl overflowing with deep fat fryed hunks of chicken wings, covered in mouthfuls of Salt and Chilli flakes. Seriously this is not good food whatsoever , its a mess, and while I am talking of messes, sitting in front of the pass in a restaurant, unless this is Hell's Kitchen, the chefs should have some decorum. Shouting at the Waitresses and arguing with each other is not appealing in any establishment to the customer.
Next came the mains of a Plain Burger with chips, simple right? cant mess this up? Well it was shocking, the burger was burnt, they literally put what could only be described as having a head of lettuce under the bun, a chunk of onion and an end piece of tomato, it beggars belief the mentality of what passes for food in here. Its frankly shocking in my opinion and have let their standards drop quite significantly since I was last here.

I am disappointed to say the least, cause I used to like this Porterhouse and felt it was on par with Porterhouse in Temple bar, but they really have let standards slip. Will not be in a hurry to go back here....

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