The Mogul Emperor

Let me start of by saying this is the best Indian Restaurant in Limerick, and one of the best I have eaten in. I went here on Saturday the 11th, for my brothers birthday dinner. The Mogul is your typical Indian in regard to decor, carpet hangin on the walls, its like stepping back in time going in here. But the decor in this place has nothing to do with how good the food is.

I started with Mirch Kebab, this is chicken cooked in the tandoor marinated in black pepper and yogurt.

This was quite tasty and mellow tasting apart from the coriander ( I hate coriander I think it tastes like soap) only downfall was the pointless salad.

Next came the mains, Chilli Masala with Boiled rice and Peshwari Naan( Naan stuffed with almond and sultanas)

This was absolutely gorgeous, it was hot but not too hot and has to be one of my favourite curries, it ranks highly with the Chilli Masala at Indie Spice in Swords. The meal was beautiful and the guys who run it are very attentive to the customer, even going to great lengths to make a Korma less hot for my brothers girlfriend :) .

Another great meal in the Mogul, and their food still shows why they are the Emperor of Limerick when it comes to Indian food.

Thanks for reading