One Pico - Christmas Meal

I had the extreme pleasure of going to One Pico in School House Lane last Tuesday with my girlfriend Joanne to celebrate our Christmas. We had originally planned on going to Shanahans but because of the weather forecast we had to move our dinner back to Tuesday and it meant that Shanahans was full, but we got a booking at One Pico instead. I for one am damn happy we managed to get a booking here. One Pico has won so many awards with Eamonn O'Reilly at the helm. This restaurant exudes class from the moment you walk through the doors. 

Our coats are taken and we are shown to our seats. Its so nicely set out , the decor is very pleasing to the eye and their seems to be a good atmosphere within the restaurant at 6.30pm. We are given the menu for 59 euro Christmas Set Meal. I go for Duck Boudin(Black Pudding Hash, Poached Egg, Mustard Hollandais), Roast Wild Venison Loin(Beetroot & Potato Gratin, Pumpkin Puree, Fig Jam),
Iced Christmas Pudding & Hazelnut Chocolate Parfait(Brandy Sabayon). Joanne decided on Crab Salad( Red Pepper, Curry Crème Fraiche, Crisp Pain d’epice 16), Fillet of Beef, (Hicks) (Onion Puree, Baby Leek, Parmesan Fondue, Crispy Onion) and finally Hot Chocolate Fondant,(10 minutes)
(Vanilla Ice Cream).

Prior to both our meals we ordered wine from the sommelier, we chose a Marques de Riscal Rose Rioja, which we thoroughly enjoyed throughout the meal. Also before the meal began, we were provided with a selection of bread, bread at the beginning of the meal is paramount in my eyes, it provides the start to the meal, something to nibble on before the starters arrive. Their bread was beautiful freshly baked bread rolls, this alone had me seriously impressed. Being in college we used to bake fresh bread each time for service, there really is nothing better.

I will include pics of Joannes meal but naturally I cant give a review , even though I got tastings of her food. So here are the pics of Joanne's dinner :


As you can see each dish looks amazing and she loved each one, yet she couldnt finish her dessert as it was too rich, but so delicious.

For my dinner, it was absolutely amazing, firstly starting with the Duck Boudin.

This was beautiful, the poached egg was cooked to perfection, with a lovely runny yoke, everything was simply bang on the money, the seasoning was perfect. We wondered why at the start as to why there was no Salt or Pepper on the table well its not needed cause the chef's in One Pico are to be commended for their seasoning.

Next up before both our mains was a palette cleanser in the form of a Blackberry Granite and Apple Jelly. 

This was lovely and refreshing before the main course, the apple jelly was gorgeous, it was fresh apple puree set with gelatine, which was beautiful.

Up next for me was my Venison

This was very impressive, the venison was cooked perfectly and the fig jam really complimented it. I was also impressed by the beetroot gratin. If I was being pedantic I would say I am not fan of foam , I just find it pointless and the same goes for smears, but I guess its the current fad and I will go with it , as the meal was beautiful.

Finally my Dessert arrived, Iced Christmas Pudding :

This was very tasty , it was a hazelnut ice cream blended with Christmas Pudding and set in a Bombe served with a sabyaon. Its lovely take on Christmas Pud and I have to say I enjoyed every bit of it and the brandy sabayon added to it making it even more Christmas-sy.

Well that was it , the bill came to 168 euro , a 168 euro well spent. An amazing meal at one of Dublin's best restaurants. Everything about the place is impressive, the restaurant itself, the staff and the food. We both had an excellent night, would definately love to come back here, one of the best meals I have had in my life. Eamonn O'Reilly and his team have done an excellent job here.

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  1. Looks great apart from the foam. I dont do foam, looks like spits. Everything else looks gorge and Joanne was well full after it hehe

  2. Couldnt agree more on the foam, it really is pointless.


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