The Queen of Tarts

I had the pleasure of going to The Queen of Tarts in old Temple Bar(Cow Lane) yesterday for tea and cake. Its very well set out, the cakes look amazing. The cakes aren't over the top and look so fresh, i'd love to be working there making cakes. I had a plum tart , pastry was perfect and the plums were sitting in a jam/syrup that had a hint of vanilla. Joanne my girlfriend had chocolate fudge cake, it looked gorgeous( and tasted so aswell), the cake was covered in a Chocolate ganache(Melted Choc with Cream). To top the cakes off , the tea was beautiful, and served in bone china cups, very lah dee da. :)

I cant wait to go back here, may need to go back sooner rather than later to help forget the misery of the budget tomorrow.