3fe - Coffee Heaven

3fe is a coffee shop located on Middle Abbey St. Its a bit obscure as to where it is , blink and you will miss it. Its based inside the Twisted Pepper Nightclub / Bar during the day. Absolutely adore the coffee here, the espresso tastes amazingly good, admittingly I do not know enough about coffee blends but I know what I like and coffee here is beautiful. In my opinion its the best coffee shop in Dublin and I believe is run by a Barista Champion of 2009 ( I am not sure if its World or Irish Barista champion though). The place is all about coffee, no tea as far as I know. They offer a tasting menu of coffees, be it filter, espresso, and cappuccino. To my knowledge there is no sweet style coffees here like Frappucino's or Mocha. Its all about the coffee!

I decided to go for the 2 set duo of an Espresso, water and Cappuccino for 4 euro. The purpose of the water is to cleanse the palate before drinking the espresso. The espresso was gorgeous and the cappuccino was also really good. I came away from here a very happy coffee drinker.