Frenches Restaurant Limerick

Whilst I am waiting on my Dad to ring me so I can collect him from work, I thought id do a review of Frenches in Limerick City. Located at 13 Catherine Street, I have been going here now for about 2 years. Its become a tradition when I come home to Limerick to go invariably with Sarah and Steve. Going for breakfast was very new to me up until 2 years ago, I never saw the point of it all, when I could cook at home. I first started going with my friend Damien to Cafe Noir, which I should actually review, they do amazing Sausage Rolls.

One week I went for breakfast with Steve, and Cafe Noir was quite busy, so he said to me, fancy going to Frenches up in Catherine St. I thought to myself hmmm i'd always passed by this place and never really thought about going in. Well 2 years later its a regular fixture, their pancakes are what bring me back time and time again. Something I haven't really expressed before is my love for pancakes , ( great time to speaking about them what with Pancake Tuesday right around the corner) I always get the same cause they are gorgeous each time, unless your Sarah Darcy who thinks they change every so often or have too much Lemon juice. 

This morning was no different I got my usual 2 lemon and sugar pancakes with Orange Juice. I generally get their coffee which is beautiful , its made by Cofesa, but I had already had a mug of coffee this morning before heading in to Frenches, and I like not to drink too much coffee. As ever though this mornings pancakes were lovely, the unusual chats with Steve and Sarah were also good fun. 

I truly love this cafe, its got it all, friendly staff, good food and very well priced, 2 pancakes and OJ for 8.30  euro, which to me is great. In Dublin for example up in Lemon Creperie on Dawson street you could easily pay 12 euro and not have the same quality of food or experience.

Frenches gets 5 out of 5 Cook's Belly Ladles from me.


  1. I think u shud pay me, u mentioned my name alot without consulting me lol


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