Yamamori - I finally get to pay it a visit

After work Friday, myself and Joanne went to Yamamori. I have been dying to go here for so long since moving to Dublin, and some how or another never got the chance having been to Japanese places like Ukiyo, Wagamammas(Hybrid Japanese cuisine) and Yo! sushi. By god it was worth the wait, cause it was absolutely beautiful. You are greeted and seated, once seated you are given a beaker of Green Tea. I will admit the Green Tea is not my thing. We soon made our order, I ordered salmon sashimi, eel sushi to start with Joanne ordering chicken skewers and we both got Tatsuta Age( this is crispy Teriyaki chicken served on a bed of stir fried beansprouts and a Japanese salad)

First off the service here is so fast we were seated at 5.50pm and were out by 6.35pm. The starters arrived and it was so good, the sashimi was so fresh and tasty, I was in heaven eating it . Naturally as always Joanne made me taste her starters and it was gorgeous, slightly sweet and with a hint of heat. Then the mains came, and God it was good! The batter on the chicken was so crispy , was so more-ish, I could have easily had more . On top of that then the salad and stir fry were equally is good, and the portions were so well sized.  I think the bill came to 60 euro and that was with 2 diet Cokes.

Cannot wait to go back here, it was absolutely delicious! I really cannot fault the place.


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