So Herring was never going to be enough :). I decided I would try my hand a making some nice bruschetta, my dad must have thought score, well I hope he did. This bruschetta is so simple anyone can make it. Yet again at Milk Market in Limerick today I picked up some tomatoes, two kilos to be precise and a garlic bulb for 4.50, which in my opinion is a great deal.

Serves 3 ( Hungry People)

2 Kilos of cherry tomatoes
1 Garlic bulb
8 Dessertspoons of Extra Virgin olive oil
Pinch of Oregano
1 Teasp Rock salt
Pinch of Pepper

1) Chop up the tomatoes in to quarters.
2) Chop the garlic up finely
3) Mix the chopped garlic , oil , salt and pepper in a bowl. Leave sit for about 30 mins to infuse
4) Warm a pan and add the oil/garlic
5) Just as the garlic starts to bubble ever so slightly, add the tomatoes
6) Cook for about 2 mins on a high heat and then take off to rest for 5 mins
7) Serve on a bed of toasted ciabatta bread

8 ) DONE !!! ( Heavenly food)



  1. Looks gorge! Need to make this v soon :)

  2. Was tasty even my bro ate it and that is a plus cause he hates tomatoes.

  3. Simple. Healthy. Easy to make. Yum. Thx Will!


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