Dutch Herring

Today I had intended on going in to the Milk Market in Limerick to pick up some ingredients to make a Paella with my fancy new Paella pan I picked up from Karen  @ Lovelygirliebits.blogspot.com. I decided against making the Paella though because I spotted some silver beauties over in Rene Cusacks. They were selling Herrings for 1 euro each. So I picked up 8 of them, and they kindly filleted and skinned them for me ( save me the hassle of doing so later on). I think the chap thought I was a little mad , cause he asked how I was going to cook them " Souse them or Fry in a little butter?" I replied by eating them raw with a little onion, " Ah the Dutch way!, followed by pity we are not in bloody holland they have machines to fillet and skin herrings over there( it took him a good 20 mins to get em all done :) ). I was delighted cause I knew how much my father would love this, whenever we go to Holland we always get the Hollandse Nieuwe(Holland New One). This is basically cleaned down herring dipped in chopped onion, and you eat with your head tilted back. 

Some history about the Hollandse Nieuwe Herring : 


So simply as you can see in the picture above, the snack is very simple I toasted some good bread, I also got at the market this morning, placed a fillet on each piece of bread and covered with some chopped onion. This was beautiful, and my dad loved every piece of it :) Simple and so fresh. Gorgeous snack to enjoy in the fine weather we are having. 

I cannot wait to have some of the genuine article back in Leiden hopefully at the start of June, its tradition. Me and my dad love it , my bro on the other hand isnt a big fan at all of the Hollandse Nieuwe.



  1. I have to admit I tried it when I was in college in Den Haag. Never again! There used to be a place that served it till 5am at the pub we used to go to on a Friday night!


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