Altas Quintas Mensagem - 2007 Trincadeira

I dont generally blog about wines but this deserves my uneducated review. Last weekend I went in to the Corkscrew on Chatham street in Dublin and was looking to possibly get the Chocolate Block( I have heard lots of good things from the folk in work).

I suggested this to the guy in the Corkscrew and rather than have me buy the Chocolate Block he suggested to me to try this Portuguese wine, 2007 Altas Quintas Mensegem Trincadeira. My word what a beautiful wine , its so deep and full bodied. Its easily one of the nicest wines I have ever had. I am not even going to attempt a review on the taste and notes of wine as I dont have the knowledge, but if you are looking for full bodied Red that packs so much flavour then give this wine a go you will not be disappointed.

Some words from "The Corkscrew"'s website:

These wines have unparalleled characteristics for this region showing distinctiveness in the native terroir and in the quality of the grpaes that are produced. It is this difference imparted by the Altas Quintas terroir that they strive for with their wines. The altitude of the vineyards, the properties of the mountain soils and a unique mesoclimate allow for wines with an unrivalled balance of acidity in the whole of Alentejo. Combining the prime terroir with an obsession for superior winemaking, they are committed to greatly reducing production yield, using oak vats for fermentation and ageing wine in new barrels for as long as necessary. They believe that they can produce elegant wines that amaze, astound and, above all, provide an endless source of pleasure to whoever dares put them to the test. Not that it's a test that anyone has any problem with trying!

At 23.95 euro a bottle , for me it was worth every penny last weekend ( even though I got drunk and past out on the couch , hello Joanne ). I went and bought two bottles this week, one for tonight and one for next weekend.

Thanks for reading