A taste of Spain in Victoria Square - La Tasca

Yesterday I was up in Belfast with Joanne, I was there to have my iPhone fixed and maybe pick up some food in Sainsburys( I fricking love that shop incidentally). Anyhoo, the minute I knew we were going to Belfast there was only one place I wanted to go for Lunch and that's La Tasca! I love this place I was here back in March with Joanne(thelandofbargains), her sis Karen (lovelygirliebits) and their Mum. Its a Spanish tapas restaurant. Its so yummy and very reasonably priced, we got 2 diet cokes, and 7 tapas between us for £30, which is excellent.

For people who dont know what tapas are, here is Wiki explanation for you :)

Tapas is the name of a wide variety of appetizers, or snacks, in Spanish cuisine. They may be cold (such as mixed olives and cheese) or warm (such as chopitos, which are battered, fried baby squid). In select bars in Spain, as well as some parts of North America and the United Kingdom, tapas has evolved into an entire, and sometimes sophisticated, cuisine. In Spain, patrons of tapas can order many different tapas and combine them to make a full meal. In some Central American countries such snacks are known as bocas.

The serving of tapas is designed to encourage conversation because people are not so focused upon eating an entire meal that is set before them.[Also, in some countries it is customary for diners to stand and move about while eating tapas.

I will admit that in all the years I have been to Spain I have never had tapas , and I have been to Spain alot! That all changed when I met Joanne, she introduced me to the Port House in Dublin city , which itself is amazing (that reminds me I need to go there soon and write a review, but dont go to the Port House in Dundrum, I dont rate it all) Anyhow I digress, the food in La Tasca is so tasty, we had :

Garlic Bread
Montanitos De Tomato(Bruschetta with a salsa of tomato, cucumber and onion)
Paella Del Carne (Paella with Chicken )
Patatas Bravas (Fried potato in spicy tomato sauce)
Patatas A La Pobre( Fried potato with peppers and onions)
Pescado Blanco Frito (Crispy white fish in San Miguel beer batter)
Albongidas Ala Jardinera ( Pork and beef meatballs in tomato sauce)

The meal was absolutely gorgeous, and the staff are lovely in there. But I feel there is something about people in Belfast they all seem very nice and accommodating be it in a restaurant or shop. Everyone greets you with a hello when you enter the shop and asks can they help, its little things like that make the customer feel wanted, not the usual sneering look or grunt you get in some places in the Republic. Anyways rant over and back to the food, the only thing that was missing from our spanish feast was a glass of good rioja or maybe a Mahou to wash the gorgeous food down.

Note to self: get the train to Belfast the next time I want to go to La Tasca. We both came away from here so full and happy. Thats the thing about tapas, you think 7 small dishes would not be enough food but it really is, they fill you up. Joanne said something yesterday and I think she might be right hehe "Wouldn't it be great to work in the area you can come to La Tasca for lunch everyday" she is right I could eat here every day of the week.  However when I compare it to the Port House on South William st Dublin, there are differences, The Port House is slighty different in the sense it has a unique authenticity and tapas that vary from standard tapas dishes.

Also as much as I love La Tasca it kinda falls in to the Nando's, Spur and other themed restaurants bracket. Now dont get me wrong this is not a bad thing, because La Tasca do this very well , fantastically in fact. I know I will be back when I am in Belfast again thats for certain. The experience all round is excellent. Ok I am bringing back the ladles rating system, I would give La Tasca 4 out of 5 cooksbelly ladles.

So if you are up in Belfast  give La Tasca a go :)

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  1. you have me hungry again. their patas bravas are amazing, as well as the battered fish. yum!!


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