Bewleys - Grafton Street

This is my new favorite lunch time place to go lately. Well it was until recently due to high numbers of tourists in the city, its hard to get a seat at the moment. Bewleys is one of the best places to go for tea and lunch in the Grafton Street area. I go here regularly with Joanne, we like to get their Bruschetta ( its very tasty ). As mentioned their tea is lovely, I have become a big tea person as I have gotten older, I used to hate the stuff as a kid but now I can't get enough. The last time I was there I had an Earl Grey tea and cherry bun ( pictured right ), which was yummy! The place is always buzzing with people but the staff always remain attentive, pleasant and accommodating. I am disappointed I haven't a pic of their chocolate cake because its amazing. Check out Bewleys, you will always leave happy :)

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