Cully and Sully - Chilli Con Carne

Sometimes I come home from work and really do not want to cook , its hard mustering up culinary delights when cooking for 1 during the week, I think thats why I enjoy cooking so much on weekends or when Joanne is over. Anyhow,  I saw this in Tescos last week so picked some up as I am a chilli fan. I generally don't like ready made meals but Cully & Sully's range are very good and tasty. This yet again is really good chilli, could do with a little more heat to the chilli ( which I rectified with some Encona Hot Sauce :) )

It contains minced beef, sweetcorn, kidney beans, and some rice. Its tasty meal but a little pricey at 3 euro. I will buying this again, as it tastes good and is healthier than your regular ready made meals.