Day 2 of Training .... Stillorgan Orchard

Day 2 of my course and I was hoping for another visit to Gotham, when they announced today we will be going to the Stillorgan Orchard, my heart sank... I immediatly menupage'd the place. Reviews seemed to be good so things werent all bad, if this were twitter I would put in a #thirdproblem in to my tweet. Anyhow we arrived at the pub for 12.30, was pretty quiet when we arrived for a Thursday lunch. We were served almost when we got in the door, I decided on getting cottage pie and chips.

I think I am becoming a connoisseur on cottage and shepherds pie, ( will be blogging on Dohenys Pub Shepherds Pie soon ) this one was damn good, nice fluffy mash and crispy on top with really good mince beef as the filling. Ok this sort of meal is maybe not the best thing to have on a Summers day, oh no wait it was horrible weather last week so I think I was well within my rights :) . I enjoyed the meal, my only negative point is how the dish was served, as you can see such a large dish of cottage pie should not be served on a plate like that, it seems clumsy, why not serve the pie as is on maybe a small saucer and the chips on the side in a bowl. Anyhow enough me being awkward which I am noticing more lately with food, maybe its cause I am eating out alot I am really starting to notice negative points more. 

If you live or work in the area give this place a whirl, I would definately return if I was in Stillorgan again. However its not somewhere I would make a special effort to get to if you know what I am mean, that being said its does what it does really well, that being pub grub.

Thanks for reading