Encona - West Indian Hot Pepper Sauce

What can I say about Encona's West Indian Hot Pepper Sauce, its absolutely scrumdidlyumptious. If I could put this on everything I would, its got lovely heat to it coupled with a vinegary-ness ( is that a word ). I love this stuff so much, it went out of stock for some time in here in Ireland, so whilst on a trip to Belfast, I happened to see it in Sainsburys, and picked myself up a crazy supply of this rocket fuel. I bought 9 bottles of the stuff, at 59p a bottle it was a steal, especially when it was originally on sale in Ireland for 1.70euro a bottle.

I love it so much I could easily swigg on the bottle, I have slight addiction to all things hot and spicy and I simply can't get enough of this. As I speak I have just had two cream crackers covered in the stuff.

Go out and get it :)



  1. I can remember first trying it in London during the '80's and been hooked ever since!


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