The Kingfisher Restaurant - Parnell St Dublin

Its a Saturday morning in the city , you want a slap up breakfast and you ask where do I go? You go here from now on! its one of the best greasy spoons in Dublin. These style of restaurants are a dying breed now days, they have been replaced with Costa, Starbucks and coffee culture. This place delivers incredible bang for your buck with the amount of good food you get. The last time we were here I got , scrambled egg, 3 sausages, coffee, orange juice, two slices of toast, Joanne got a fried egg, home fries, 2 sausages, 2 slices of toast, 1 slice of bacon and a cup of Tea, all for the princely sum of 12 euro, no where compares to this price.

As much as I love Metro on South William Street, their prices are ridiculously dear, for the price of 12 euro in Metro all you would get is scrambled egg 2 sausages and coffee. Ok I know what you are thinking the quality of the food is lessened, and maybe it is slightly but its undeniably tasty, and tasty is what its all about at the end of the day, right? The Kingfisher is always packed with people that tells you a lot about a place, and generally if you are staying in Jurys Inn on Parnell Street you go for breakfast in the Kingfisher. I believe their lunch and evening meals are quite good too, and they also provide a take away service. For a greasy spoon, the place is very clean, meticulously maintained and run by an extremely nice bunch of people. I love the Kingfisher, its a real Dublin treat.

Thanks for reading