Kudos - Clarion Hotel IFSC

So another lunch time meal review, this is because Joanne moved jobs to work for PWC in the IFSC. We are going to try all the food places over there. So far its not particularly impressive to say the least , see the Harbourmaster post below. I have been to Kudos twice, first time it wasnt so bad , second time was an absolute head wreck.

They are understaffed , and the staff working there are running around like headless chickens. We arrived there at 12.58pm the Friday before last, we knew what we wanted so ordered it straight away(after 10 mins of waiting of course), we didnt leave until 1.43pm, this is absolutely ridiculous timing. It took 10 mins for our order to be taken ,  15 mins for the food to arrive , and 10 mins for our bill to be delivered to us.

Lunch should be a fast process... Anyway I digress, Joanne got another soup , chicken noodle soup. To my mind it looked disgusting, soup looked murky, and the noodles were wrong, they used ribbon noodles. This place is wrong on every level, I ordered a chicken Ajam satay, the rice was served in a stodgy lump that would bounce of the wall if it were thrown. The satay wasnt so bad , but having asked for no coriander hmmmm guess what I get extra coriander.

Overall, I wouldnt recommend this amateur attempt at Asian cuisine, I again will not be returning here in hurry.