The Perfect Roast Chicken

In our house we generally cook the meat for the Sunday lunch always the day before, don't ask me why... This week its chicken, and even though my dad is a confectioner , chicken  doesn't always turn out the best, it comes out very greasy as he slathers it in Stork Margarine, not appetizing in the slightest. Not to mention its as dry as the Sahara as result of over cooking.

So this week I took the reigns of cooking the chicken how it should be cooked for a change.

Right the first thing is turn on your oven, heat the oven to 190C/fan 170C/gas 5. Here is a tip for you, a 1.5kg chicken will be perfectly cooked in 1hr 20 mins always, and for a 3kg it is always perfectly cooked in 2hr 10 mins. This is an exact science unless your oven is on the blink.

The Method

1) Boil a kettle of water, and rinse the bird out, this will help kill the bacteria inside the chicken.
2) Truss the bird with some twine, in order to keep the legs raised.
3) Massage the surface of the bird with Olive Oil, and sprinkle with some Paprika and Oregano.
4) Finally crack black pepper and sprinkle rock salt over the chicken before placing in the oven.
5) Place in the oven and check on the hour, give a quick baste and pop back in the oven.
6) Remove from the oven and rest, reserving the juices should you wish to make gravy.

Simples, the perfect roast chicken.



  1. I like the sound of adding a little paprika, I'll definitely try that out. Thanks.

  2. Thanks CFG, I think chicken should be kept simple enough I am not a big fan of adding lemons and the like to the cavity of the chicken.


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