The Port House - South William Street Dublin

In honor of my impending trip to Espana this week I thought that I would do a review before I leave on the Port House. The Port House is a Tapas restaurant on South William Street, its part of small chain composing of The Port House, Pintxos(Temple Bar) and The Port House(Dundrum). I have eaten here a number of times now and is a favorite of Joanne and me. We had celebrating to do last Friday so we immediately thought of going here. I love this place as the restaurant is very authentic, its lovely small candle lit cavernous restaurant. The food is beautiful here, I love tapas and what going with going to the home of tapas next week this was the perfect place to go.

When we go here and order food I always think we haven't got enough but always come away from here stuffed.

We decided on a meat Paella ( chicken ),  White Bait,  Patatas Bravas,  Tomato topped crostini, Lemon chicken and Serrano Ham Croquettes.  Everything is so tasty with maybe the exception of the croquettes which were quite stodgy. I love this place and cant wait to go back, although it might not taste the same when I come back from the land of tapas :)

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