The Wild Onion - Limerick

The Wild Onion is located on High Street, Limerick. Its a family run restaurant, fronted by Ruth and her Husband ( the main chef ). Ruth is a lovely old soul, she is like your gran seating people as you come through the doors. Beware the place is quite small and can only probably hold 20 or so people. You may have a wait especially on a Saturday morning. The food here is good wholesome American diner food albeit a little pricey. My favorite thing is there cinnamon rolls they are insanely good, next time I go I will take pics :) . Below is an example of their good food. Coffee is unlimited which is always a plus, and its good strong coffee too. I generally get orange juice, coffee, hash browns, scrambled egg and American sausage.

Next time you are in Limerick check the Wild Onion out.

Thanks for reading