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Few food pics to my sojourn to Alicante

This  was a highlight of my food shopping in Spain, a dutch section in the supermarket. Yes I am a sap,

 An amazing array of food at the local Santa Pola market

 Gran Mundo's Chinese Food

 Churros Con Chocolata ( Deep fried doughnut sticks)

Lunch on Tabarca Island

 Mmmmmm Cafe con Leche

Amazing steak and meatballs in Patagonia

Odlums Brown Mix with Raisins

Ok I know what you are thinking, what kind of foodie would use a brown bread mix. Well this is amazing, I have made this discovery this weekend and I couldn't get enough of what I had made. So then on Saturday I had a about 200 ml of chardonnay left, I had enough so decided to macerate 200g of raisins in the chardonnay. The following morning the raisins had doubled in size having taken on the chardonnay. Bear with me on the following recipe its gorgeous, its most beautifully moist brown bread I have ever made.


500g of Odlums Brown Bread mix
350ml of Milk
2 Tbsp of Brown Caster sugar
200g of Macerated raisins
Remaining chardonnay from the macerated raisins


1) Preheat an oven to 200c and line a loaf tin
2)Mix the bread mix with the milk, raisins, sugar and remaining chardonnay into a dough. (maybe slightly sticky)
3) Flour a surface and knead the bread for 3-4 mins
4) Bake for 45 mins
5) Remove from the oven and remove tin cooling on a wire rack
6) Now cut you…

Arroz con Pollo

So I decided to chop and change Ricks recipe up a little and used chicken instead.

Ingredients 4 tbsp olive oil 75g/3oz shallots, finely chopped 1 small head garlic, cloves separated, peeled, finely chopped ½ tsp pimentón dulce (smoked sweet Spanish paprika), plus extra for seasoning the chicken pinch crushed dried chillies 200g/7oz vine or beef tomatoes, halved 1 litre/1¾ pints chicken stock ½ tsp loosely packed saffron strands 400g/14oz short-grain paella rice, such as Calasparra 1 large roasted red pepper 500g/1lb 2oz chicken breasts Preparation method Slice the chicken in to 1 inch strips, season and brown in a pan. Once browned transfer to a ovenproof dish and bake for 15 mins in the oven at 180c. Grate the halved tomatoes, pressing the fleshy, cut face of the tomato against the grater. (As you grate each tomato half, the skin will flatten out and be left behind.) Discard the skin.
Heat two tablespoons of the olive oil in a shallow flameproo…