Accents Lounge - Dublin - Coffee Challenge / Mission Week 1

I have started on a mission , its gonna take a while but my new mission is to discover a new cafe ever week where possible, I was inspired by this chap. Now the mission can incorporate me drinking Tea but it also needs to be assisted by a baked good :) I think I can stick to this, screw diets!

So I am starting today afresh and my first port of call is the Accents Lounge on Lower Stephen St Dublin. Its very cool inside, and has lovely big couches and armchairs to sink back in to drinking your coffee and cake.

I got my usual americano coffee and a coconut raspberry bake.  It was gorgeous , the coffee was bang on, certainly better than the likes of Starbucks et al, and bake was yummy. It was a pastry base, raspberry jam and macaroon type coconut topping. All in all a nice start to my mission, good coffee , pastry, decor and friendly staff, I really like Accents, its also open late too which is great. I like the idea of being able to go for a coffee of an evening at maybe 8pm rather than going to bar or pub. 

Anyhow check out Accents I think you will like it.