Buttermilk Chicken

This Saturday Joanne decided that she was cooking for me and for so long she has been telling me about Buttermilk Chicken her sister Karen makes. Well Karen told Joanne how to make it and by god did she surpass herself, it was insanely good! Its basically the following recipe below:

Ingredients :

Chicken Breast (cut into 3/4 fillets)

1 Litre of Buttermilk

Plate of Seasoned Flour ( Flour with Pepper & Salt )

Sunflower Oil


1) Dip chicken in the buttermilk

1) Then dip chicken in flour

2) Dip back into buttermilk

3) Coat again in the flour

4) Fry until golden brown

Its that simple, it was amazing its like the best KFC you have ever had. She also made a gorgeous simple salad with roasted potato wedges coated in "Schwartz Garlic Spuds" displayed below which were actually lovely in comparison to other wedges you can buy frozen. The meal was excellent and she constantly tells me she cant cook its all flipping lies , this chicken was literally finger licking good.