Chicken Wings who wins?

I had never tasted wings up until maybe 5 years ago when myself and few friends went to Krakow, and since then wings have become one of my favourite foods to have. In Dublin there are two establishments that serve up amazing wings, "The Elephant and Castle" in Temple Bar and "Tribeca" in Ranelagh. The question is though which is the best?

1) The Elephant & Castle

Ok so as you can see the wings come with two sticks of celery and some blue cheese dip. I always discard the blue cheese dip , it does nothing for me personally , this is all about wings! Invariably they come in a rich buttery hot sauce with some added vinegar to accentuate the tang of the hot sauce. Elephant & Castle wings are slighty smaller than Tribeca and are always that bit hotter. When you walk in to Elephant & Castle , pretty much everyone is eating wings, and when they arrive at my table I am like a pig in a feeding frenzy, they are insanely good. I always hope aswell that Joanne orders some, as she never finishes her wings and I end up finishing hers, they are damn addictive.

2) Tribeca

As you can see from the pic above Tribeca's wings are alot bigger, way more meat on these babies. They are also not as hot or tangy as Elephant & Castle. They are also very good and what I love about Tribeca is I generally have nachos before hand which leads me in very well to the chicken wings.  I love Tribeca, as I love Ranelagh, there is nothing more I like than to sit out side Tribeca in the summer have a few glasses of Malbec and eat some good wings.

The verdict: As much as I love both, Elephant & Castle wins the wings competition. They are so much more hotter and little less buttery which is what I love, I adore Tribeca but E&C is the winner :)

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  1. 1) I didn't authorise the display of my arms and belly in this pic.
    2) Tribeca all the way!

  2. You can also see your handbag in that picture :)

  3. These look so good now I am craving wings!!!

  4. I am craving wings since I did the post, I dont go there enough!


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