Cup - Dublin - Coffee Challenge / Mission Week 4

Well then here it is in my opinion Cup is one of the best cafes in Dublin and serves up an all round coffee/lunch experience. Cup is two weeks old and is situated here on South Leinster Street. I believe they work in conjunction with the guys at 3FE. 3fe supply the Hasbean coffee that Cup use. Firstly I love the decor its so cool and modern, I especially love the lights above the tables. My first visit was on Tuesday, everyone at Cup seems so friendly and welcoming, the staff genuinely look happy to be working at Cup. I decided upon on getting a large cappuccino and sausage bap.

Oh man it was good! the coffee was gorgeous dare I say better than some of the coffees I have had at 3fe(I still love 3fe :) they are my weekend cafe). As for the bap it was gorgeous, the bread was so fresh and I loved sausage with carmelised onion inside, I could have easily eaten a second one.

After Tuesday I knew I had to come back here, well I was back on Thursday for more. This time I had 2 cappuccinos, a spiced beef plait and a macaron. Yes yes I am a glutton but I cant get enough of Cup, the cappuccinos as ever were perfect, the spiced beef plait was so good, it came so beautifully presented  , I topped the lunch off with a gorgeous macaron. 

Cup put simply is a revelation, I now count it as one of my favourite places to go for lunch between it and Rigbys. 

Check out their twitter here!/CupDublin

Thanks for reading