Fafies - Coffee Challenge / Mission Week 3

My coffee mission is now in to its 3rd week but its becoming coffee and pancake mission. Last week we had Moloughneys with coffee and buttermilk pancakes, now the same this week. Fafies is located on Lower Kevin St. Dublin. It is primarily a Creperie so technically it isnt a cafe but still its my mission my rules. Fafies is quite small inside so you may need to wait a few mins for a seat depending on the time of the day you arrive.

Anyhow the coffee here is damn fine brown stuff, and the pancakes are equally as good. The good thing aswell about their pancakes is that they are made from buckwheat flour which is gluten free if you are a Coeliac. I have been here admittingly a few times over the years and its always really good, they always produce great food, so definately recommend Fafies. They are run be some lovely people also.

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  1. You can also consider Toscana Restaurant, Damestreet they are currenky seving some of great pastries and tuscan dishe, youy can als considered them on list.


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