Moloughneys Clontarf - Coffee Challenge / Mission Week 2

Week 2 of the challenge for good coffee saw me and Joanne pay a visit to Moloughneys in Clontarf for our breakfast. If you know the area its right beside the Spar shop. Joanne has been talking for a while at how good this place actually is, especially for pancakes. With me being a self confessed pancake fiend with my fellow fiend Sarah ( my brother's girlfriend ) judging the pancakes we get every weekend I am down in Limerick at Frenches cafe, its only right I test Moloughney's pancakes out.

Anyhow I digress, would Moloughneys pass both my strict pancake and coffee tests? Moloughneys is very cool inside, it has dark wooden furniture and fittings with stone walls and has lovely community vibe to it. We are seated and I order the buttermilk pancakes with icing sugar and lemon, Joanne orders the small traditional breakfast, not forgetting my coffee! The coffee arrives first, its really good strong black coffee, nothing that would set the world alight but enough to wake me up, and with even coming from a standard enough coffee machine you see in petrol stations it still tasted good.

Out came the breakfasts, they looked damn good! I tucked in to the pancakes and yes they were amazing! I think its probably down to the fact that these are not crepes, these are pancakes like my mother used to make on Saturday nights for a treat and like back then they were about the size of a saucer and that bit thicker, verging on crumpets which my mother also used to make mmmmmmm. Eating these pancakes as stupid as it sounds sent me back in time, I had forgotten how good they used to be. They most certainly passed the test and then some, in fact I could had another three, they were that good! Joanne also loved her breakfast as ever she gets me to taste everything, the bacon was nice and crispy as it should be and the sausages were good too.

I strongly rate Moloughney or as Joanne calls it McGoghneys ;), its worth the trek if you don't live in the area, however if you do live in the area I would make it your business to visit here, its good food and run by lovely people. There you have it my coffee challenge for week two incorporated two of my favourite things in life Coffee & Pancakes.

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Moloughneys site :


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