Toffoli - Castle Street Dublin

Well then this place has been on my agenda of places to visit for such along time. I will tell you how my intrigue first came about, one day having recently moved house I was getting the bus back home that runs down the side of the Jurys in Christchurch, it was a late and wet evening when I spied this little eatery illuminating Castle Street. When I got home immediately scouring the internet to find this place, and it was firmly placed on my list. When I first wanted to go here was September but they had unfortunately closed for renovations, I checked back regularly until it eventually fell off my radar. However it suddenly came back into my head this week, and I was delighted to hear they were back open from November.

I finally got my chance to visit it today with a mate of mine who was up in Dublin for the day, he was more than happy to sample some good Italian food so having parked down in Drury st. we made the trek up. We warmly greeted and seated in this bottega. The restaurant is rather small and can probably hold about 20 people I think. As you enter you can see the kitchen, one chef working starters in the front and chef in the back working on Main Courses. Its all so well done and set out as you can see from the pictures below.

We both ordered bruschetta which amazingly good, you can order as much as you like we went for piece each. However having ate my first one I really wish I had ordered 4.

We also ordered pizza, I went for a capricossa, which is a pizza with ham, olives, mushrooms, red peppers, salami and sweet sausage. It was as good pizza comes, and is substantially nicer than Ciao Bella Roma down on Parliament st, its not as sloppy, its how pizza in my mind should be.

We could have not been any happier walking back down to the car, my intrigue finally paid off . Everything was superb, the setting of the restaurant, the staff ( Ciao Bella Roma could learn alot from these guys and how to treat a customer ) and most of all the excellent food.

If you are looking for great affordable Italian food check out Toffoli, and give Toscana or Ciao Bella Roma a miss.

Oh and before I go I had a glass of Cannonau wine, its from the grenache grape in Sardinia, it went down very well with the meal, it had lovely cherry & dark fruit notes to it.

Thanks for reading