Viewmount House

So then I am finally getting around to writing this post on the wonderful Viewmount House in Longford. Joanne and myself stayed here the first weekend of December as our Christmas treat to each other ( last year was One Pico , which I reviewed ). This year we wanted both a gourmet experience and lovely hotel we could just enjoy the weekend for the proper treat these occasions are. Anyhow I will be honest I did quite a lot of searching as to where to go ,  and somehow stumbled upon  Viewmount on Tripadvisor and boy did I find  a gem. Neither of us had ever heard of it before but the reviews were nothing but good so I went ahead and booked it. I am going start with the cost, as for me what the cost of the hotel got us as you will see further down is a bargain especially for the sheer quality of the experience. We paid 220 euro, this got us a wonderful room with a separate living area,  5 course meal with Tea and Coffee and the following morning an absolutely excellent all you can breakfast. The following review will take in everything that is Viewmount between rooms to food.

Firstly the Room

The Orchard

As you can see from the pics, the room is stunning, its the most amazingly well kept Georgian country house between the decor of the living area and bathroom, the owners have done such a good job restoring this building and turning it in to a gorgeous hotel. Its also worth noting that throughout your stay you will meet Beryl and her husband, they are such nice and engaging people, willing to meet your needs at all costs.

Secondly The Food

The restaurant is run by a genius in my opinion and real food hero within these isles, the man is Gary O'Hanlon, what I ate that night was one of the best meals I have ever eaten. From the minute you arrive in the restaurant you feel so welcome , which again is helped by Beryl and her staff. As we waited for our table to be prepared we sat in the bar and were given our Menus.

I chose the Wild Wicklow Pheasant Breast for starters, Taste of the Midlands Salad for middles and Wild Wicklow Venison for my main course. Joanne decided upon Clogherheard Prawns, Vegetable Soup and Kettyle Chicken.

Before we began however we received a special treat from the chef, being an Amuse Bouche to get our taste buds going. It was gorgeous it was a sliver of Wild Salmon with the most beautifully crafted Potato Salad, having ate this I knew we were in for a treat.

Out came the starters both as gorgeous as each , Pheasant came in the form of lovely creamy risotto and Joannes Prawns were amazing in a Kaltafi pastry casing.

Following the starters the middles arrived, yet again it was spot on. Joannes soup was a rich soup and my salad was beautiful.

Up next the mains, by this stage we are both struck at how good everything has been , presentation and crafting of the dishes seem perfect.

My Venison was sumptious, and not in the slightest bit gamey, Joannes chicken was also gorgeous, and as it stupid as it sounds tasted like chicken used to taste.

Finally the desserts rolled around I had Pistachio Parfait with Basil Jelly and Joanne as ever stuck to her old favorite apple pie. Yet again even with desserts where some places fall down on, were bang on. I loved the parfait, and as weird as it sounds the Basil Jelly most certainly works.

We finished with some tea and coffee topped off with some mini mince pies for the upcoming season that was in it.

What can I say , by the time we were finished we were in a state of food pleasure created by Gary O'Hanlon. Everything was amazing from start to finish, I or Joanne for that matter could not fault the entire meal, and was a step up even from One Pico last year and that in itself was excellent. What Gary is creating here is simply wonderful food, I am seriously running out of superlatives for the man ha ha.

One last pic from breakfast it put the cherry on the top of the weekend.

Such an excellent weekend we had in Viewmount, we will definately be returning, the accomodation and food exceeded every expectation I had. I was also buoyed to see Gary O'Hanlon on The Restaurant over Christmas, knowing he had cooked for us earlier that month.

Viewmount gets 10/10 and deserves every award it has or has got coming to them.

Many thanks for reading such a long and detailed post , I hope I have done VM house some justice.