Boojum - Mexican Eatery

On Wednesday of last week I visited Boojum in the Italian Quarter at the back of Jervis Street Shopping Centre, for the first time with some friends of mine. I have never eaten burritos before until then. Boojum is very nicely set out with benches for the diners , making the experience very communal. I chose to get a burrito and root beer, in my burrito I opted for shredded pork with cheese, jalapenos(1.50 extra), salad, pinto beans and hot sauce, I excluded the usual rice option as it comes laced with coriander ( I hate coriander ). Anyhow I found the burrito to be good but by no means amazing, in my opinion it was a sloppy mess and would not be on my list of places to go again.

There are certainly other options out there I would enjoy a whole lot more than Boojum, I dont know whether its Boojum I dont like or burritos on the whole. I work very close to Pablo Picante on Pembroke St another mexican take away place, I think I would like to try their burritos to compare, as they always smell absolutely amazing. Until then I dont think I would return to Boojum, its not to my taste. Before I go,  I have to say I did enjoy the Bundaberg Root Beer I got with my burrito, I love root beer, its an acquired taste and tastes like licorice which I also love.