Coffee mission takes a break

For the past few weeks I have been reviewing cafes in Dublin with the exception of the Brass Rail in London. I am taking a break for a while with reviewing cafes as I am about to embark on something more special. For so long I have tried to find a cheap yet great homemade coffee solutions, I love my dads coffee machine (which is this just for reference ) but I dont want my own as I dont drink coffee at home, I drink all my coffee at work so I have tried endless amounts of French Presses, and also the Aero Press which I never liked at all. However.... I think I found what I have been searching so long for whilst on holiday in the Netherlands recently( in a store called Simon Levelt ), its called a Chemex, here is some information:

From Wiki :

The Chemex Coffeemaker is a coffee-making device. It was introduced and continues to be manufactured by the Chemex Corporation. Pittsfield, Mass. It was invented in 1941 byPeter Schlumbohm.
The device consists of an hourglass-shaped glass flask resembling an Erlenmeyer flask with a conical rather than cylindrical neck. It uses proprietary filters, which the company also manufactures and distributes, that are thicker than a standard drip coffee filter. Coffee is made by placing the filter and grounds in the neck of the flask, boiling water in a separate vessel, "blooming" the grounds by adding a small amount of water to moisten them, and finally pouring the desired quantity boiling water over the grounds.
The New York Times in its obituary of Schlumbohm called the device "one of 100 best modern devices."[1][2][3],
In Ian Fleming's From Russia, with Love we learn that James Bond uses an American Chemex with coffee from De Bry's in New Oxford Street for his breakfast coffee when stationed inLondon.[4]

I absolutely love this apparatus, it makes insanely good coffee. I got back from holiday Sunday night and was dying to test this out when I woke up Monday morning. I searched high and low for how best to use the Chemex, when I stumbled across this video as my basis on how to make the coffee. I loved Aaron's demonstration, it was so helpful and the man truly knows his stuff.

My word! it was perfect coffee, the rich smell that filled the house was amazing. It works perfectly like no other portable coffee device I have used before. So my new mission is purchasing coffee from the likes of Hasbean and making my own stuff, hopefully it will save me a few euro also. I need to get a coffee grinder too and one of these babies click here . The coffee I am drinking at the moment is Espresso Corleone I got at Simon Levelt in Leiden, its so strong, deep and rich, I like my coffee strong as possible.

Oh and I thought I would throw this in, its my yummy breakfast from Monday morning, I brought back some Gouda cheese, rye bread, and salami from my travels to the Netherlands. Also pictured is my coffee served in my gorgeous new glass mug Joanne bought me on holiday.

Thanks for reading as always