Coffee & Scone @ The Brass Rail - Selfridges

On Thursday last week I had the pleasure of paying a visit to the Brass Rail restaurant in the food hall of Selfridges on Oxford St. London. I was over in London for a conference with work and I had an hour to waste beforehand so I stopped in to Selfrigdes. I had been here once before maybe 4 years ago but didnt get the chance to browse around properly. I love the food hall in Selfridges, its excellent so much good food to choose from, I only wish I had some money to spend as I would have bought loads. Anyhow as I was dying for a coffee and small bite to eat for breakfast, I decided upon the Brass Rail at the side entrance of Selfridges food hall.

Their speciality, and god I wish I had got it, Salt Beef with pickles, it looks phenomenally good , see pics below. I decided as it was my breakfast though to get a coffee and scone. The coffee was beautifully strong and the scone was gorgeous. My mum is English and it tasted just like her scones that she used to make when I was younger ( sourced from her Marguerite Patten book), I always found they tasted different to scones you get here in Ireland maybe less sugar or something. I really enjoyed my visit to the Brass Rail to kick back for a few mins to enjoy my coffee and scone. I also did some celebrity spotting and spied Lorraine Pascal star of BBC 2's "Home Cooking Made Easy" having a coffee and chat with a friend a few seats away from me.

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Lorraine Pascal :

Salt Beef :

Few interior pics from the Brass Rail: