Dutch Cuisine

As part of my trip to the motherland I was determined to eat all of my favourite Dutch food as you can see below. It was also my goal to have Joanne try as much Dutch food as possible.

1) Rookworst sandwich, chips and Chocomel

The minute I got off the plane I was heading for the Hema food stall over in the Amsterdam Airport train station. Its my treat when I arrive in Schiphol, rookworst is a smoked Dutch sausage, its so flipping good and tasty. I like to wash it down with my favourite chocolate milk drink.

2) Pancakes on the Kalverstraat

MMMMM this pancake was beautiful, covered in thinly sliced streaky bacon and drenched in stroop syrup, HEAVEN!

3) Ertwensoep - Dutch split pea soup

With the extreme cold two weeks ago this soup was great for warming the body up. Its a thick split pea soup that has a smokey flavour from the rookworst from above chopped inside the soup. Its also served with gorgeous smoked ham on dark rye bread.

4) Stroopwafel

Joanne tucking into a large stroop wafel at the Leiden Saturday market. These treats are gorgeous, they are two thin waffles with a creamy toffee/caramel in the middle like below.

5) Appelgebak - Dutch apple tart

Dutch apple tart is so nice and tastes cinnamon-y :)  I must attempt making this again

6) Uitsmijter - A bouncer sandwich of two fried eggs, cheese and bacon.

The uitsmijter translates to bouncer to represent what was served in cafes at the end of night out before the bouncer in a club or disco kicks you.

7) Kip Sate - Chicken Satay

Dutch Sate is a little different to satay you may have had before, its two kebabs of chicken served in a thick peanut sauce made from a sweet soy sauce called Ketjap Manis, peanut butter and some Indonesian chilli sauce called Sambal Oelek. This peanut sauce is served commonly on chips like mayonnaise or ketchup.

8) Hutspot with Meatballs and Gravy

As ever Hutspot is so yummy , proper comfort food and one of Joannes favourites. See Kay from Kayotic's Kitchen on how to make this.

9) Hachee served with boiled potatoes and red cabbage

I love Hachee, its a Dutch Stew of diced meat and onions, so simple and is very similar to the dish I made last week called Carbonnade.

They are just a few of typical Dutch dishes, I love the food so much in Holland, loads of sweet goodness and warm comforting food which was perfect for the cold weather.

Thank you for reading as ever