Oudt Leyden - Dutch Pancakes

This is my first post based on my trip to the motherland with Joanne. We were on holiday last week in the Netherlands, naturally it was always going to entail a visit to a Pannekoeken Huis (Pancake House) what with my obsession for pancakes. On Saturday of last weekend we took a train to the town of Leiden in the South of Holland, we were there to go shopping and browse around the Saturday market.

To be honest and I didnt tell Joanne this, I was there for one reason and one reason only it was to pay a visit to my favourite pancake place ever. Its called the Oudt Leyden, I was first here two years ago with my brother Steven and his girlfirend Sarah (my fellow pancake fiend). Its an old yet very elegant old style Dutch pancake house, who serve all manner of Dutch food but their USP is their amazing pancakes.

We arrived weary ( well I was after all the shopping) around 1pm, we both ordered the same pancake being Naturaal( powder sugar with lemon wedges on the side). I also ordered a coffee as I am obsessed with the Dutch Coffee, its so bloody good and not to go off on a tangent but its always strong and for some reason Koffie Melk makes it all the better. Koffie melk is a UHT cream everyone puts in their coffee over there.

Anyhow back on topic, the Pancakes arrived!!!! Damn they looked good as ever, they are about 16 inches in diameter and are served on a gorgeous Blue Delft plate. I drizzled my pancake as you can see from below in something called Stroop, which is a type of molasses the Dutch put on all manner of sweet desserts. The pancakes are light , thin and taste absolutely amazing. Even prompting Joanne to exclaim they are the best pancakes she has ever had.

I dunno what it is but the powder sugar just works so much better than granulated, it even prompted my brothers girlfriend Sarah to bring some home when she was last on holiday. I know if we were staying closer to Leiden I would have been here more than once on holiday.

Thanks for reading and if you are going to Holland definately check both Leiden and this fabolous restaurant out.