Peter Ward Thank You

This morning I was at the Milk Market in Limerick as ever after breakfast with a friend of mine. We both invariably always visit Peter Ward's Country Choice Delicatessen. My friend always buys Peter's sandwiches, he swears by them and always gets two of them for each Saturday. Its always a sausage & black pudding bread roll with barbecue sauce and ham/cheese bread roll. Peters food is always so good, he sells all manners of cheese, meats, salads, wines, Italian foods and desserts. Its also where I first bought this black pudding which is absolutely gorgeous, click here. I also get a selection of nuts and cranberries here each week I am down in Limerick. I love cranberries and hazelnuts they are so more-ish and the young lad who is in charge of the nuts section is also so enthusiastic, without the guy's enthusiasm I would have never tried the nuts and berries combo.

I also need to give a special mention to the cheese Peter introduced me to. We tasted some very good Comte cheese which is absolutely beautiful. We also tasted another cheese which was gorgeous being Mossfield's Organic Farm cheese, it was nutty, sweet and left a tang in your mouth at the end. If I only had more money this weekend I would have bought a piece, I will however be back to Limerick in two weeks whereby I will be purchasing some of this excellent cheese.

I hope you visit Peter and his team a visit at the Milk Market as they are true food heroes.

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