Saturday evening Vino - Domaine des Lauriers Picpoul de Pinet

This afternoon I paid a visit to my favourite off license in Leinster, La Touche out in Greystones Wicklow. Thankfully Damian Sherlock was working as the man never steers me wrong with his recommendations. Today I wanted 2 whites for about 25 euro, this is the first one Damian suggested to me of which I will review, its a Picpoul de Pinet from Domaine Lauriers in the Languedoc France. The grape variety Picpoul is a very old grape variety in France. I found the wine to be quite citrusy, tasting like grapefruit, ( I hope I am getting this right ) and I really enjoyed it. I cant wait for the 16th of February as La Touche are hosting a wine tasting event where I work , it will be a great opportunity to taste some wines I have never had before and also do a review on.