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Easter eggs - Home made

Hmmmmmm so as ever it's been a while :), that sounds like a Staind song. This weekend I made my  girlfriend Joanne her very own customised Easter egg, I felt it would be something different to the normal shop bought eggs. I decided upon making her a kinder egg styled egg, with milk chocolate on the outside and white chocolate on the inside , filling it with her favourite sweets dolly mixtures.

For making your own eggs you will need some equipment , you ideally need the following:

1 cooking thermometer
Rubber spatula
Easter Egg moulds
A basket for egg to sit in
Cellafane ( I got some nice stuff in a florist on Wicklow Street Dublin)

Ingredients: It's all about the chocolate, so I picked up 600g of Callebaut milk chocolate in Leonidas. I also purchased 400g of Callebaut white chocolate in Kitchen Complements , Chatham Street.

My Recipe:

1) You need to make sure to polish your moulds firstly so they are clean and free from dirt or dust.
2) Place a bowl over a pan of simme…