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Mount Juliet - Thomastown - Co. Kilkenny

As part of my recent trip to Kilkenny with Joanne, we paid a visit to Mount Juliet in Thomastown for an evening meal. I wanted to go somewhere special and away from the bustling streets of Kilkenny thronged with stag dos and hen parties. Upon arriving at the resort you wind down through the most magnifcent golf course designed by golf great Jack Nicklaus, even though I am not a golfer I can appreciate the work that has been put in here. We decided to have the early bird menu in the Kendals Restaurant, arriving with about 10 minutes to spare as the early bird is stopped at 7pm. We were greeted by our waitress for the evening and seated. The whole experience was exceptional. Here is what we ordered:
Will :

Salade Lyonnaise de ma Grand-mère Mescaline & Frisée Leaves, Poached Hen’s Eggs & Smoked Streaky Bacon
Garlic Bread Croutons, Mustard & Blackcurrant Dressing

Saumon a L’Irlandaise
Seared Duncannon Salmon Darn served with Asparagus, New Potatoes,
Watercress and Ch…

Soup and a Song

I was over at the Schoolhouse bar for lunch today and had lovely potato and leek soup. It was very different, a lot thinner consistency wise to your regular thick potato and leek soup. No doubt it was full of cream and butter by the look of it, which will not go down well in regard to my diet, it was probably the healthiest thing on the menu. Being in Olivier Quenet's establishment reminded me that I need to go there more often, I love it there.

It can be found here :
and here...
On to the music...

Yesterday I found an old pair of speakers in a cupboard at work but with no power supply. When I got home last night I found an adapter that would do the job, so now my office is "wired for sound" ala Cliff Richard. Before you get mixed up my song of the day is not Cliff's 1981 #4 hit ( yes yes I am a secret fan by proxy as my dad loves him ), my song of the day however is by Ben Howard. I only recently discovered B…

Lawcus Guest House - Stoneyford Co. Kilkenny

This past weekend it was my 2 year anniversary of going out with my girlfriend Joanne, well technically its in 3 weeks but we chose this weekend to spend time together and get out of Dublin. After much researching and changing my mind ( I have been told I have quite an erratic nature ) I decided upon Lawcus Guesthouse in Stoneyford Co. Kilkenny. The Tripadvisor reviews had me sold, not one bad review out of 166 reviews and the "Travellers Choice Winner of 2012" sealed it for me. Kilkenny holds a special place in my heart as my grandfather was born there, and still have quite a lot of family still living there. Now I had a chance to take Joanne down to the Marble City for a weekend to remember.

We left from Dublin amidst the usual crazy traffic Friday evening brings, arriving in Kilkenny just after 8pm (we made 1 pitstop as I spied Joanne's favourite fast food place in the world, the colonel's KFC). Suitably full with some popcorn chicken and chips we pulled in to Sto…

A few updates ...

Hello World .. Again,
So as you can see I its been nearly 3 months since my last post ( here are my sins... this sounds like a  Catholic confessional) on how to make Easter Eggs, its about time I got off my lazy posterior and start writing again. I have changed the site around a little bringing it into the modern age so please let me know (that is if you read my posts) what you think etc... 
I am going to start or at least attempt to start posting again, you see I get very lazy and dont have the inclination to post on a regular basis but I hope to ring some changes in what the site is comprised of over the coming months. I dont go out for dinner as much anymore but I certainly have a good few reviews in reserve of where I have been since April and what I have eaten. You can also expect a change in recipes with a definite slant toward the healthier options for the dinner plate. The Cook's Belly has been getting larger over the past few months so I need to slim back down, so I hope…