A few updates ...

Hello World .. Again,

So as you can see I its been nearly 3 months since my last post ( here are my sins... this sounds like a  Catholic confessional) on how to make Easter Eggs, its about time I got off my lazy posterior and start writing again. I have changed the site around a little bringing it into the modern age so please let me know (that is if you read my posts) what you think etc... 

I am going to start or at least attempt to start posting again, you see I get very lazy and dont have the inclination to post on a regular basis but I hope to ring some changes in what the site is comprised of over the coming months. I dont go out for dinner as much anymore but I certainly have a good few reviews in reserve of where I have been since April and what I have eaten. You can also expect a change in recipes with a definite slant toward the healthier options for the dinner plate. The Cook's Belly has been getting larger over the past few months so I need to slim back down, so I hope to bring you Weight Watcher Pro Point recipes where I can ( as this is the diet I am on ) as well food diary updates. Unfortunately I wont be reviewing wine anymore ( no I am not a recovering alcoholic) I have given up the booze as part of this whole new healthier me. 

I also hope to broaden out in to some other areas such as music aswell general ramblings. At the same time I would like to improve the quality of my posts and the English used. The reason being is I felt I rushed alot of my previous work simply to get traffic to my page, which is no longer my goal, this in turn resulted in poor posts. This site is a hobby primarily so check back for updates as my hiatus is over ( for now until I get lazy again .. whoops).

Thanks for stopping by 


PS: Here is a picture of the amazing Lawcus Guesthouse, of which I will be reviewing soon.