Mount Juliet - Thomastown - Co. Kilkenny

As part of my recent trip to Kilkenny with Joanne, we paid a visit to Mount Juliet in Thomastown for an evening meal. I wanted to go somewhere special and away from the bustling streets of Kilkenny thronged with stag dos and hen parties. Upon arriving at the resort you wind down through the most magnifcent golf course designed by golf great Jack Nicklaus, even though I am not a golfer I can appreciate the work that has been put in here. We decided to have the early bird menu in the Kendals Restaurant, arriving with about 10 minutes to spare as the early bird is stopped at 7pm. We were greeted by our waitress for the evening and seated. The whole experience was exceptional. Here is what we ordered:

Will :


Salade Lyonnaise de ma Grand-mère
Mescaline & Frisée Leaves, Poached Hen’s Eggs & Smoked Streaky Bacon
Garlic Bread Croutons, Mustard & Blackcurrant Dressing


Saumon a L’Irlandaise
Seared Duncannon Salmon Darn served with Asparagus, New Potatoes,
Watercress and Chive Beurre Blanc



Same starters as myself 


Epaule D’agneau Printanière
15 Hours Slow Cooked Slaney Lamb Shoulder served with Pommes Anna,
Chantenay Carrots & Spring Peas, Thyme Jus

 Our Shared Dessert

Poire Pochée… puis Rotie
Poached and Roasted Pear With salted caramel Ice Cream
& Hazelnut Crumb

What can I say the pictures above do not do this meal justice it was sensational. I generally dislike early birds as they are mostly that bit smaller than a regular ala carte sized meal but not at Mount Juliet, yes I am a greedy glutton. The salad was so good , the bacon was crispy, the leaves were fresh and the dressing topped the salad off. The only dislike I had was the poached egg, it was cooked maybe a little too long so the yolk was not runny, but thats a matter of preference , as Joanne was happy with a hard yolk. On to the mains, I had been eating fish all day, for breakfast and lunch so I figured keep with my little trend and ordered the salmon. I love a good salmon dish, and this was delicious. Fresh new potatoes and asparagus , heavenly food.

Now on to Joanne, just as she was about to tuck in to her meal she spotted a small piece of tin foil. As she spotted this the Maitre D had just come over to check everything was going well, when she also spotted the tin foil. Well, I have never seen someone so apologetic in a restaurant ever like this Maitre D, she swiflty apologised, whisking the meal out from under Joanne and ordering an new dish of lamb. Joanne wouldn't even have complained but the excellent manner the waiting staff exuded was exemplary and should be commended. The only downside was I had my meal eaten by the time Joanne's replacement meal arrived back at the table. However it was perfect, the lamb was so wonderfully cooked, and not to mention the pommes anna(is a classic French dish of sliced, layered potatoes cooked in a very large amount of melted butter), Joanne thought she would hate the potatoes but she loved them.

To be honest we thought that was our meal done, as we didnt really have room for dessert, but the waiting staff insisted we have our dessert and wanted to offer us a free drink aswell because of the lamb incident. I was driving so I had a coffee and Joanne had a tea with us sharing a pear dessert. I rarely eat pears and because this looked like the healthiest thing on the menu we decided to go for it. Oh my god, it was phenomenal, easily and this sounds stupid but it was one of the nicest desserts I have ever had in a restaurant. The pear was so soft and juicy coupled with the salted caramel ice cream, it was glorious. I could have licked the plate clean,  and I thought to myself I wish I had ordered one for myself .

After we had given our bellies enough time to digest a truly splendid meal we called for the bill. The bill arrived with even more apologies as well them giving us 10 euro discount off the final bill. This is customer service , Mount Juliet know customer service and have everything down to a tee ( no pun intended ), I cannot fault them. I would recommend Mount Juliet like Lawcus in my previous post to everyone I meet, they are sensational, I have never gone to such a more attentive and friendly restaurant in this country before. 

We had such a great night and it was a wonderful way to spend our anniversary.

Thanks for reading


The Dining Area

Some shots of our view from the terrace