Soup and a Song

I was over at the Schoolhouse bar for lunch today and had lovely potato and leek soup. It was very different, a lot thinner consistency wise to your regular thick potato and leek soup. No doubt it was full of cream and butter by the look of it, which will not go down well in regard to my diet, it was probably the healthiest thing on the menu. Being in Olivier Quenet's establishment reminded me that I need to go there more often, I love it there.

It can be found here :

On to the music...

Yesterday I found an old pair of speakers in a cupboard at work but with no power supply. When I got home last night I found an adapter that would do the job, so now my office is "wired for sound" ala Cliff Richard. Before you get mixed up my song of the day is not Cliff's 1981 #4 hit ( yes yes I am a secret fan by proxy as my dad loves him ), my song of the day however is by Ben Howard. I only recently discovered Ben, and he is all kinds of wonderful.

Here is my new favourite track, enjoy :

One final musing, for some reason I have been eating apples in their entirity lately, I dont know why but I am eating core with pips included.

 Good Afternoon Will