Brother Hubbard

First off I love this name, as sad as it sounds its the name that drew me in here a few weeks back. Now BH has been on my radar for a while so I was finally getting the chance to see what it was like. I know their coffee is supplied by 3fe (who are supplied by so I knew going in the coffee would be at least good like 3fe, CUP and Cinnamon. I arrived anyhow on a crisp Saturday morning looking for my coffee fix and naturally a cake, I am a cake fiend I really cant get enough lately, Marie Antoinette was on to something when she said "Let them eat cake"! or to be more precise "Qu'ils mangent de la brioche" .

Its very simple decor inside yet cool I guess you would say, Jesus am I starting to feel old. I do know I felt a little out of place in there, as there were alot of Hipsterish type folk inside, nonetheless I was there for the coffee and I wasnt there to make the place look cool thats for sure. I ordered a latte and the most gorgoeus Cinnamon Walnut swirl I think I have ever had. The latte was lovely and as good a quality as 3fe, but that cake! it simply wowed me, it was rolled with cinnamon brown sugar and what tasted like orange blossom, simply heaven. I would definately return back to BH if I was in the area simply for their cakes! Apologies about the pics having an orange hue, I was in the outside area out back and the heat lamps effected the colour of my pics.

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PS: Brother Hubbard's webpage:

PPS: They have the coolest kitchen out back too, I WANT TO WORK THERE .....


  1. Those buns look like they might be from Arun bakery, who I know supply Brother Hubbard with sourdough bread for sambos. I'm off to buy some of them in the Glasnevin market this weekend (Honest2Goodness market) - absolutely delicious!! And as a Capel Street resident, I'm also delighted with the good review of the cafe!

  2. Hi Will

    Thanks so much for taking the time to write such a lovely review of our little cafe - we're delighted you enjoyed it and hope to see you again soon!

    As for the baked goods, we in fact bake everything in-house ourselves including the cinnamon and walnut scrolls, every day. The only exception is the sourdough bread we use at lunchtime, due to the volumes required, which comes from the very talented folks at Arun Bakery. But we're flattered that our own baked goods would be compared to theirs!

    Thanks again for your visit and for your lovely words, and all the very best of luck with your blog.

    Warmest regards
    James & Garrett, and all at brother hubbard

  3. Thanks alot to you guys! I love the baked goods, if I wasnt working so far away Id be in more regularly! I will try to get in even this weekend :)


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