Good Sushi in Dublin ? Surely not... Oh wait Musashi

 I am constantly hearing people bemoan that there is no decent sushi in Dublin, its either too dear , too big or simply bad sushi. However I think Musashi over on Capel St is the real deal. I have been here a few times over the past few months and I keep coming back. I love sushi even though my love for it got off to a rocky start after I had some bad stuff on a trip to Krakow in 2007 which my fellow travellers Damien and Brian can attest to, I wont say anymore but that nearly put me off sushi for life. I wish I could say I have been to Japan but I haven't, I have however eaten in all the sushi places I can find in Dublin ( I remember in gastronomy class in 2001 when I was training to be chef our lecturer telling us about the amazing Japanese food they had in Dublin, the class were intrigued or at least I was that you could get some genuine sushi in our nations capital). Anyhow I digress Musashi is set out in a very traditional way as you can see below with very simple furniture.

When you arrive you greeted by some extremely pleasant staff and given your usual cup of  green tea. Ok I am going to be honest I bloody hate green tea, it does zero for me and that goes for any other tea that isnt a cup of Barrys preferably my mums at that too. Now call me a philistine I have no desire to drink the stuff. Anyhow rant done, on to the sushi, I was of course with Joanne and her not being a sushi fan she stuck to her go to dish in a Japanese restaurant and ordered chicken teriyaki. I ordered some pork dumplings, tuna roll (not pictured), cucumber roll, and some pickled mackerel sushi. Just as I finished my order I said to Joanne will we order some prawns, she was very reticent as I dont think she was sold on being here whatsoever, anyhow I called the waitress back and ordered prawns aswell. Now the night we were in there service was extremely fast but on other occasions it can be up and down speed wise. Out came the dishes!!

Lets start with the prawns nobody wanted, I jest because when Joanne set her eyes on these babies she fell in love as did I. They are wonderfully light and crispy and served with some spicy n sweet dipping sauce. Now my sushi pictured looks incredibly boring but I was on a diet at the time and I have no other pictures of food since I have been back but I can assure you there sashimi and california rolls are gorgeous. My sushi pictured was beautiful though despite the meagerness of it. Also my dumplings were heavenly, and having tasted Joanne's chicken teriyaki we both agreed it was pretty damn sumptuous. I definately recommend Musashi to all and sundry, just check out tripadvisor I am not the only one in love with this place.

Also worth noting is that Musashi is bring your own booze, or at least it was the last time I was there.

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