Shanahans On The Green

This review has been a long time coming as I was taken here back in August for my birthday. Since I have been going out with Joanne, the slightest mention of good steak brings the following words from her lips "Oh god Will you haven't tasted steak until you have been to Shanahans on the Green". Now I have been there those same words are coming out of my mouth. I always remember going on holiday flipping through the "Cara" magazine on Aer Lingus and always seeing an advert for this restaurant, little did I know Joanne would have such a ghrá for this place. So when she gave me 3 options for my birthday dinner I only heard one option and that was Shanahans. We arrived after work, wait I wasnt at work I was on my pre holiday holidays, so I met Joanne after work hehe. I have to say of all the places Joanne has brought in to my life this one is the one I was most nervous about. I kept thinking what if I dont like it, she will throttle me, however she has yet to bring me anywhere I have truly hated which gave me some confidence.

Anyhow we arrived around 6.30pm I think. The first thing I notice is the room is beautifully set out, from the outset it feels special, a real old world experience. It reminded strangely of the Limerick Inn in the 80's I dont know why, but my parents and I would go there for a treat every so many Sundays for lunch, pre my brother arriving in the world. The restaurant officionados out there will be thinking what in jehovahs name is the guy talking about but sometimes you just get a feeling about a place. Enough of my rambling, we are seated by extremely nice staff,  the head waiter, an elderly gentleman told us he used to work in the Gresham Hotel for most of his life, I just thought this guy's experience must be incredible. We learned by the end of the night he was damn good at his job every little detail was taken care of. From the menus we decided to go for their early bird, at 45 euro a pop how can you go wrong, for a 4 course meal.

Will's Meal
 Absolutely gorgeous sundried tomoato bread and cornbread muffin.

 Trio of Irish Salmon: Oak Smoked, House Cured and Pastrami
with a Giant Blini, Créme Fraíche and Caviar

New York Strip Sirloin (8oz / 227g)
A little firmer, yet tender with a rich flavour 

Creamed Mash with Creamed Spinach 

Passion Fruit Parfait

 Joanne's Meal
Caesar Salad
with Reggiano Parmesan and Garlic Crouton

Petit Filet Steak

Cookies & Cream Cheescake
"The" Onion Rings

My Birthday Petit Fours

What can I say bar it was absolutely gorgeous I should never had any fear or doubts in my mind as it lived up to and then some to Joanne's love for Shanahans. My salmon was beautiful and a first for someone who supposedly loves food in Caviar, which I have to say I do like, not fishy more salty than anything. The steak was perfectly cooked and was tender. It was coupled with the best ever onion rings I have ever had, there was mountain of them, so damn good! The parfait was also very nice pictured just above. We finished the meal with Tea and Coffee ( which was very tasty for restaurant coffee) aswell as some petit fours which are not pictured. I came away from Shanahans so full, something I dont get very often, I always maintain there is only one day of the year I am full and that is Christmas day but damn I was full to the brim after this meal. It was the best birthday meal I could have hoped for and no doubt will be back for more special occasions in the future.

Finally a quick mention they have JFK's original rocking chair downstairs in the bar which is very cool.