Adare Manor - Afternoon Tea

Firstly Happy Christmas and New Year everyone! This year for my mum's Christmas present I picked her up a voucher for Afternoon Tea at Adare Manor. Earlier on this year myself and Joanne paid a visit to the Manor for Afternoon Tea, and Joanne remembered how my mum was so enchanted by the idea of it, so Joanne suggested this as a possible Christmas present. It was a cracking idea as it happens as I coupled the voucher with a really nice Tea for 2 Le Creuset set.

When I presented my mum with the set and voucher on Christmas eve, she loved the idea of it all, so special thanks goes to my other half Joanne for coming up with the idea. I had booked the Afternoon Tea for today at 3pm, I scrubbed myself up despite my unkempt beard at present and my mum got a chance to dress up and look her best. My mum has been to Adare Manor twice in her life but has never eaten there, when she first moved back to Ireland in the 70's her uncle took her family on a tour but that was about it. This time she was getting a chance to experience the hospitality of the manor. When we arrived we were greeted by an extremely nice door man who saw us inside to meet up with Sid the room manager for the day. Again Sid was a really nice and hospitable gentleman who saw us to our seats. The manor exudes class, history and hospitality, as I remember Pat Shortt saying one time on 2fm, Adare itself is dripping in it. We were seated and given our menus, the table was set with the most gorgeous silver awaiting our selection, despite the menus we were here to have Afternoon Tea for two so our choice was made. My mum got tea and I ordered coffee, and not long after making our order our Afternoon Tea arrived out.

Stunning absolutely stunning, the entire selection, so damn enticing! It consisted of 2 smoked salmon with cream cheese cucumber sandwiches, 2 crab salad sandwiches, 2 croissants with cheese and ham, 2 chicken caesar salad wraps, 2 pistachio bakewell squares, 2 squares of carrot cake, 2 cream apple crumble shots, 2 mince pies, 2 opera chocolate cakes and finally 4 scones. It also was accompanied by some blackcurrant jam, clotted cream and lemon curd. First off before I even delve in to how gorgeous this was, my mum tasted her tea and said it was perfect, that in itself is an endorsement, she is incredibly picky about tea and only really likes her own, this was instilled by her own mother and also bread in to me, because I only like my mum's tea or my own. Joanne insists on making me tea and she has gotten better but I am so particular about it. To think I used to hate tea as a kid, my mum would give me and Steve a mug of it before school, we would barely sip at the stuff, then when she would go upstairs to make the beds before getting ready to leave for school we would swiftly pour the tea down the sink! With age it has become my drink of choice when I want to relax.

Back to the Afternoon Tea, we dove straight in, starting with the savoury plate of sandwiches. Each tasted lovely, and the funny thing for me is my mum had a crab salad open faced sandwich and loved it, it was her first time ever having crab! On to our middle plate, another yummy plate of cakes and again a first for my mum in carrot cake, she thought it was gorgeous. We were getting to the point of complete cake overload, when we moved to the scones, they were so nice and still warm. I put clotted cream and lemon curd on mine, heaven! 

My word what an excellent experience, the entire stand of cakes and sandwiches were sumptuous and worth every penny. My mum was aghast at the price but its a treat and her Christmas present, its not like you would be coming here on a regular basis. For me it was worth every penny, the tea, coffee, the cakes, the sandwiches, the atmosphere, service and most importantly the chats with my mum. Most of all my mum loved the experience and was so happy with her present. Adare Manor is fantastic and a true joy to spend an afternoon, I cannot recommend it highly enough to everyone.

Thanks for reading.


PS: we had 2 scones and a mince pie leftover, so they gave us a little take away box to bring home. Needless to say my father was happy to scoff on these when we got home.