BANG Restaurant - Merrion Row

This Thursday I had the pleasure of going to BANG restaurant for lunch. I pass BANG most days on my walk to town, and have never really thought it was somewhere I would have any desire to go. A group of us from work were here for our Christmas wrap up meal and another going away do for one of our team, their is a dangerous pattern here, I jest. We were met, greeted and seated in the downstairs area of the restaurant. I have to say in comparison to my Brasserie Le Pont review earlier on this week I have to say I loved the interior and decor of BANG, and weirdly I love the seats, as one of the girls remarked, "The seats are like the seats in Pichet without the arms" very comfy seats indeed. Our orders were soon taken and I decided to get the Yellow Fin Tuna (Tartare, black sesame, cucumber, radish, horseradish crème fraiche) for starters and for mains 14 Hour slow cooked Beef Cheek (Celeriac, rainbow carrot, champ potato). The service was extremely fast, which was good but I will come back to this later on. Anyhow here are the dishes:

Yellow Fin Tuna
Tartare, black sesame, cucumber, radish, horseradish crème fraiche

This was tasty enough, a little bit on the small side but sure I am a hulk of man so most dishes are going to be small to me. The tuna was lovely , light and fresh as a tartare, however for me I didn't like the black sesame at all, I don't like the consistency or the color but that's me I think. Overall the dish looked gorgeous presentation wise.

14 Hour slow cooked Beef Cheek
Celeriac, rainbow carrot, champ potato

Swiftly after the starters the mains arrived out, first thing I thought was the this looks so tempting. I got stuck in straight away as this was the first time I was having beef cheek, and boy was I glad I got it. It was so good, the tenderness and texture of the beef cheek was so sumptuous and the only slight I would have was it could have done with more seasoning but other than that it was a beautiful dish. Such a fabulous meal all round, I stayed away from the dessert card though as we were having dessert back at work later in the afternoon. I did however order a cracking Americano coffee to finish off a nice meal. Now back to the service, this was the only minus point i'd say about BANG, everything was very fast but I suppose with it being Christmas it was too fast, because once 2.30pm hit we were being pushed out the door as another group was due in. With restaurants heaving at this time of the year its to be expected but it left a bad taste in our mouth leaving the restaurant, but I will say the staff were extremely friendly most notably the owner Joe Barrett. Despite the service I would most certainly come back here and would really like to try out their evening menu. 

Thanks for reading